orangutan : Kikki

GAIN ID numberGAIN ID number
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:0053    (2021-07-27Updated)
International studbook number: 1644

Name Kikki
Sex Female
Species or Subspecies hybrid (X)
Date of birth 1978.04.11
Place of birth Sapporo Maruyama Zoo
Current facility Nagano Chausuyama Zoo
Father Tarou
Mother Maruko -> Emi   (human rearing)
The individual likes to look at newspapers while turning the pages. When she was bred beside a chimpanzee, it behaved to cover her ears by her hands, and she had trouble in moving. After building orangutan quarters, the behavior ceased. The reason seems to be due to the noisy chimpanzee. She shows a pseudo-positive reaction to a tuberculin test.
This individual is nervous, careful, and stubborn. When she is displeased, she sometimes spits on a caretaker.
Life history
1978.04.11 Kikki was born at Sapporo Maruyama Zoo. She is the first child of Maruko? -> Emi  {0017} .
1982.11.04 Kikki moved to Japan Monkey Centre.
1988.05.23 Kikki moved to Nagano Chausuyama Zoo.
1989.11.21 Kikki gave birth to Fujiko  {0100}  whose father was Tango  {0065} .
2004.10頃 Kikki moved to the completed house.
2004.11頃 Kikki lives with her daugter Fujiko.
2021.07.22 Kikki died from circulatory disorder by heart failure.
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