chimpanzee : Jane

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Name Jane
Sex Female
Species or Subspecies P. t. verus
Date of birth 1967.06.30
Place of birth Tama Zoological Park
Current facility Akita Omoriyama Zoo Milve
Father Joe
Mother Journey
The individual is the first chimpanzee born in Tama Zoological Park. She is remarkably excellent in copulation, and reproduced by successfully leading Yuminosuke and Bonta. She is excellent in breeding behavior. However, because of insufficient breast milk production, she cannot breed her children until they are grown up.
This individual has a cautious character, and she takes a serious view of the group's rules. When Miyuki came to the park, since Miyuki did not greet it correctly, it became angry and attacked Miyuki. She is skilful. In cold weather, she lays a blanket on the floor and lies on the blanket or wears it. She can accurately throw a stone.
Life history
1967.06.30 Jane was born at Tama Zoological Park. Her father is Joe  {0010} , and her mother is Journey  {0005} . She is the first chimpanzee born at Tama Zoological Park.
1979.10.12 Jane gave birth to Tonny  {0136}  whose father was Joe  {0010} , he is also the father of Jane.
1985.12.28 Jane gave birth to Honey  {0254}  whose father was Joe  {0010} .
1990.01.17 Jane gave birth to Kenny  {0363}  whose father is Kenta  {0168} . Because she was admitted for malnutrition, Kenny  {0363}  was raised on a bottle.
1990.11.10 Jane gave birth to  {0387}  whose father was Kenta  {0168} .
1991.10.22 Jane gave birth to Annie  {0410}  whose father is Kenta  {0168} . She has been artificially bred.
1993.10.28 Jane moved to Akita Omoriyama Zoo Milve.
1995.05.03 Jane gave birth to Jemini  {0532}  whose father was Yumikosuke  {0263} .
2002.03.21 Jane moved to new house.
2004.08.19 Jane gave birth to a boy  {0669}  whose father is Bonta  {0072} . Jane lead Bonta  {0072}  who had showed no mating behavior before.
2005.11.22 Jane gave birth to J-tarou  {0685}  whose father is Bonta  {0072} . Jane was not milking very well, so J-taro  {0685}  was raised on a bottle after 6-days-old. Afterward, Jane and J-taro live together.
2006.10.15 Jane gave birth to  {0690}  whose father was Bonta  {0072} .


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