chimpanzee : Niko

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Name Niko
Sex Female
Species or Subspecies P. t. verus
Date of birth 1974?
Place of birth Wild (Africa)
Current facility Kumamoto Sanctuary, Kyoto University
As her hepatitis research number was CH25, she was named Niko (two and five in Japanese).
She is the mother of Daiou and Nono. She likes new things and always goes looking for them. Her movement is slow, but she hits us by a chop over the lattice when we are not taking care of her. She was slender in her youth but, now, she is a mere shadow of her former self.
Life history
1974? Niko was born in Africa.
1977.07.20 moved to University of Tokyo for hepatitis research
1979.09.17 moved to SANWA
1980.03.04 moved to UT
1981.03.12 moved to SANWA
1986.05.17 Niko gave birth to Daiou  {0262}  whose father was Tompachi  {0119} .
1988.01.07 Niko gave birth to Nini  {0313}  whose father was Tarou  {0145} .
1989.02.10 Niko gave birth to Nene  {0334}  whose father was Nick  {0187} .
1991.04.07 Niko gave birth to  {0399}  whose father was Sanzou  {0276} .
1992.05.25 Niko gave birth to Nono  {0479}  whose father was Lennon  {0132} .
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