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Name Reo
Sex Male
Species or Subspecies P. t. verus
Date of birth 1982.05.18
Place of birth Primate Research Institute Kyoto University
Current facility Primate Research Institute Kyoto University
Father Gon
Mother Reiko
Reo was the second chimpanzee born by artificial insemination in Japan. He was named after his mother, Reiko. His face is very similar to his mother's. When he gets his favorite food, he automatically vocalizes. He is a fine male and good at copulation. In September, 2006, he suddenly got myelitis. Now, he is bedridden.
Reo does not flatter others. He is a chimpanzee who behaves like a chimpanzee. He is honest and popular among the chimpanzee youngsters.

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Life history
1982.05.18 Reo was born at Primate Research Institute, Kyoto University, (1480g, May 19, 1982). He was raised by his mother Reiko  {0432}  and kept together with Puchi  {0436}  and Gon  {0437}  in a group separate from the group of Ai  {0434} , Mari  {0274} , Akira  {0435} , Pendensa  {0095}  and Popo  {0438} .
1983.12.07 Puchi  {0436}  gave birth to Pan  {0440}  (conceived by artificial insemination). Father: Gon  {0437} . As a child, Reo  {0439}  played with Popo and Pan, who were born around the same time as him.
1985.01.20 Chloe  {0441}  moved to Primate Research Institute Kyoto University.
1985.09.10 Mari  {0274}  moved to Japan Monkey Centre for breeding loan.
1989.10.03 Ai and Akira escaped from Institute.
1994.04.28 body weight 55.5kg
1995 New outdoor enclosure was completed. All chimpanzees now kept together in one group.
1996.05.21 body weight 57.2kg
1996.05.29 Mari  {0274}  came back to PRI (Primate Research Institute Kyoto University).
1998.07.29 Ai  {0434}  gave birth to Atom  {0584}  (conceived by artificial insemination), but he was stillborn. Father: Akira  {0435} .
2000.04.24 Ai  {0434}  gave birth to Ayum  {0608}  (conceived by artificial insemination). Father: Akira  {0435} .
2000.06.19 Cleo  {0609}  was born. Mother: Chloe  {0441} .
2000.08.09 Pan  {0440}  gave birth to Pal  {0611}  (conceived by artificial insemination). Father: Akira  {0435} .
2003.05.15 Pico  {0662}  was born. Mother: Puchi  {0436} .
2005.06.09 Pico  {0662}  died.
2006.09.26 Reo showed symptoms of spinal inflammation. Became bedridden.
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Research results using samples from this individual
Biometry Date of investigation 2005/6/14 (23.075years old)
Right upper dental formula Right lower dental formula Left upper dental formula Left lower dental formula
Weight (kg) Sitting height (mm) Body length Tail length Sternum length Upper arm length
58.0 878.0 542.0 0.0 217.0 313.0
Forearm length Thigh length Knee height Calf length Biacromial breadth Pelvic breadth
324.0 324.0 0.0 270.0 238.0 303.0
Inter-trochanteric breadth Inter-papillar breadth Left-right chest distance Upper-lower chest distance Neck circumference Chest circumference
290.0 163.0 214.0 203.0 0.0 943.0
Right arm circumference Right thigh circumference Calf circumference Foot circumference Head circumference Head length
393.0 558.0 320.0 242.0 0.0 162.0
Head breadth Bizygomatic breadth Bigonial breadth Upper face height Face height Nose height
129.0 137.0 96.0 98.0 134.0 55.0
External ear breadth Inner ear breadth Nose breadth Total head height Head height Ear length
82.0 31.0 32.0 175.0 74.0 73.0
Ear breadth          
Hand length 1 Hand length 2 Hand breadth Thumb length Middle finger length Foot length
250.0 238.0 85.0 49.0 133.0 251.0
Foot breadth Toe I length Toe III length      
55.0 66.0 93.0      
Abdominal skinfold thickness Triceps skinfold thickness Thigh skinfold thickness Back of waist skinfold thickness Neck skinfold thickness Underbust skinfold thickness
3.3 7.2 11.8 12.4 0.0 0.0
Iliocristale skinfold thickness Abdominal circumference Head and body length      
10.7 805.0 0.0      
Testis 75*59*54
Teat (Width) Teat (Leng) Teat (Wid) Left Teat (Leng) Left    
0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0    
Testis Length Testis Width Testis Depth Left Testis L Left Testis W Left Testis D
75.0 59.0 54.0 - - -
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