chimpanzee : Daichi

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:0292    (2019-05-20Updated)
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Name Daichi
Sex Male
Species or Subspecies hybrid
Date of birth 1987.02.08
Place of birth Sapporo Maruyama Zoo
Current facility Kumamoto Sanctuary, Kyoto University
Father Kenchi
Mother Elisa
The individual is small body. Its face is whitish, may be because he is an offspring of Kenchi (troglodyte). He has a cute face with round-shaped processes above its eyes.
The individual is extremely rambunctious and likes to make mischievous acts such as splashing water to humans. He probably does not trust humans very much and sometimes suddenly holds out his hands and attempts to grab or bite humans. He likes hemp sacks and nestles in them by using them as top- and bottom-mattresses during freezing nights. He is happy to wear clothes such as T-shirts, if provided.
Life history
1987.02.08 Daichi was born at Sapporo Maruyama Zoo. He grows up in groups.
1991.01.23 Daichi was moved to Nagasakibana Parking Garden. He was trained for the show but later the training was stopped because he bite the trainer.
1993.09.26 Daichi moved to North-South Trading.
1994.01.18 moved to Horii zoo
1996.04.26 Daichi moved to Shirotori Zoo via NS trade
1997.10.01 Daichi was moved to Horii Zoo (via North-South Trading) . For about one year, he was moving about actively in the warehouse and on the rooftop.
1997.10.01 Top came to the institute and lived in the room adjacent to Daichi's room.
2003 Daichi's chain collar was removed under anesthesia. He looked like an eased.
2004.9 Daichi removed off the steel plate partition between Top and Daichi, and bit Top's arm. Ddaichi lived in the movable cage during repairing the cage.
2019.04.23 Daichi moved to Kumamoto Sanctuary, Kyoto University.
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