chimpanzee : Suguru

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Name Suguru
Sex Male
Species or Subspecies P. t. verus
Date of birth 1978.12.28
Place of birth Yatsu Yuuen
Current facility Okinawa Zoo and Museum
Father Ishimatsu
Mother Venus   (human rearing)
He displays to visitors and trainers of the park. He can accurately throw soil. Because he often touches his head, the hair on his head is thin.
He might be hand-reared. He is curious and he often observes visitors' behaviors.
Life history
1978.12.28 Suguru was born at Yatsu Yuuen. He was called Baron.
1983.05.10 Suguru moved to Kushiro City Zoo with Yuko  {0069} .
1988.04.01 Suguru moved to Okinawa Kids Discovery Kingdom Foundation.
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