chimpanzee : Ichigo

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:0214    (2019-01-04Updated)
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Name Ichigo
Sex Female
Species or Subspecies P. t. verus
Date of birth 1980?
Place of birth Wild
Current facility Itozu-no-mori Zoological Park
The individual is a mother of Ichie. She is the oldest in the group consisting of five members. At present, she can be distinguished because she holds a baby (Ichie). The hair surrounding her face is thin. Her facial expression is difficult to understand.
When she gets food in a paddock, she sometimes runs around leaving her child, Ichie, as she will not allow others take it. Although she runs for food, she cannot find food by herself but she often deprives herself of food, which was found by others.
Life history
1980? Ichigo was born in Africa.
1983.05.28 Ichigo moved to SANWA KAGAKU KENKYUSHO. (No. 115)
1989.11.07 Ichigo gave birth to  {0353}  whose father was Genki  {0135} .
1992.02.17 Ichigo gave birth to Gokuta  {0470}  whose father was Sanzou  {0276} .
1995.07.26 Ichigo gave birth to Zamba  {0543}  whose father was Maruku  {0206} .
2001.03.30 Ichigo gave birth to Ichie  {0629}  whose father was Minato  {0468} .
2002.03.19 Ichigo moved to Itozu-no-mori Zoological Park with her daughter Ichie  {0629} .

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