chimpanzee : Ken

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:0093    (2015-11-04Updated)
International studbook number: -

Name Ken
Sex Male
Species or Subspecies P. t. verus
Date of birth 1975?
Place of birth unknown (unknown)
Current facility Kumamoto Sanctuary, Kyoto University
When a trainer continuously shows jumping, the individual starts to jump and somersault. When food is put on a place where his hand cannot reach, he can take the food using a tool such as a twig or blanket. After his long-term partner, Nao, died, the number of contacts with humans increased. At present, he can remember several signs, such as shaking of hands and kiss.
This individual has an obedient character and his manner shows him immediately. He throws excreta when he is pleased or angry.
Life history
1975? Ken was born in Africa.
1977.01.08 Ken moved to Itozu-no-mori Zoological Park.
2003.03 Ken was in the middle of training to appear in the paddock.
2015.11.04 Ken moved to Kumamoto Sanctuary, Wildlife Research Center of Kyoto University.
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