chimpanzee : Kinko

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:0401    (2015-11-30Updated)
International studbook number: -

Name Kinko
Sex Female
Species or Subspecies ( P. t. troglodytes )
Date of birth 1989?
Place of birth Africa (Egypt)
Current facility Tokuyama Zoo
When the individual was a child, her face and hands were white.
The individual is very curious but is a little wayward. Depending on her menstrual cycle, she sometimes either refuses to move from one room to another as instructed, or bites Gonbay. She has been trained to stick out her buttocks and is able to keep still for about fifteen minutes, and thus, artificial insemination has been attempted several times without anesthesia.
Life history
1989? born (in Egypt?)
1991.4.15 arrived at Himeji Zoo with Gonbay {0400}  via North-South Trading
1990年代 Artificial insemination using frozen sperm did not work Photos of sexual skin has been taken every day by a member of breeding.
2015.10.01 Kinko moved to Tokuyama Zoo.

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