chimpanzee : Annie

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Name Annie
Sex Female
Species or Subspecies hybrid
Date of birth 1991.10.22
Place of birth Tama Zoological Park
Current facility Himeji Central Park
Father Kenta
Mother Jane
The individual has an excellent body with a charming face. Recently, she has become slightly overweight. A part of facial hair is brown. She cannot copulate, possibly because she has been artificially bred. During the daytime, she often sleeps in sunny places. In cold weather, she fills her entire body in a jute bag. Swellings on both hind legs are large and distinct. A trainer who has bred her for a long period can collect her blood from her arm extended from the lattice.
The individual is calm to males but is aggressive to females. She frequently pouts when scolded by a zookeeper. In contrast with Yuta, she scoops up small pieces of food such as raisins with her whole arms and puts a lump of those to her mouth.
Life history
1991.10.22 Annie was born at Tama Zoological Park. She grows up by natural feeding. Her father is Kenta  {0168} , and her mother is Jane  {0029} .
1991.10.26 Breast feeding was replaced with artificial feeding. Annie's weight was 1300g. There is data of feeding count and amount from 4 to 200 days old.
1992.05.30 Annie come to Himeji Central Park live with Yuta  {0319} 
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