chimpanzee : Jira

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:0606    (2015-03-19Updated)
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Name Jira
Sex Female
Species or Subspecies hybrid
Date of birth 2000.01.01
Place of birth Miyazaki-city Phoenix Zoo
Current facility Tokushima Zoo
Father Annchan
Mother Nana   (human rearing)
As the individual has a tumor above her left eye, she closes its left eye partly. She has a white face with large ears. Her cheeks are not greatly swollen, and her lower jaw is slightly projected.
The individual is docile and nervous. She likes a female trainer very much.
Life history
2000.01.01 born at Miyazaki-city Phoenix Zoo (human reared)
2001.03.01 came to Universal Studio Japan Birds & Animals Unlimited (via Aritake Birds and Animals) and trained for the show
2001.03.31 Universal Studio Japan opened and "Animal Actors Stage Show" started.
2003頃 Jira and Natsu  {0658}  appeared on the show by turns as the role of George.
2004.09.30 After Natsu  {0658}  returned to US, Jira appeared on all shows as a reliev player.
2009.04.13 moved to Tokushima Zoo and living with Micchan  {0209} .

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