chimpanzee : Misses

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:0296    (2012-08-29Updated)
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Name Misses
Sex Female
Species or Subspecies ( P. t. schweinfurthii )
Date of birth 1984.01.01
Place of birth unknown
Current facility Nagano Chausuyama Zoo
The individual's body is slim, and her ears tend to sag. S antibody. ASRO toxoplasma positive.
This individual is a courageous mother. She is always in her own time, and excellent in childcare. She likes something new, and she approaches first.
Life history
1984.01.01 Misses was born in Zaire? She moves to Belgium?
1987.03.31 Misses came to Nagano Chausuyama Zoo. She(check?) lived with Annie and Satoshi.
1990.01.09 Annie  {0125}  gave birth to Asako  {0362} . Asako was raised on a bottle.
1990.08.22 Misses gave birth to Tadashi  {0379}  whose father was Satoshi  {0127} .
1994.12.20 Annie  {0125}  died.
1996 頃 Asako was joined to group on trial but Satoshi attacked Asako.
1997.05.20 Misses gave birth to Atsushi  {0572}  whose father was Satoshi  {0127} .
2000 頃 Satoshi had a vasectomy for solving problem of subspecies.
2004.12.19 Asako  {0362}  (hand-reared) was moved to China.
2005 頃 Since Satoshi and Tadashi grew up, they were forced to live in separate groups. Satoshi lived with Misses.
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