chimpanzee : Mackey

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Name Mackey
Sex Male
Species or Subspecies P. t. verus
Date of birth 1970.09.18
Place of birth Tama Zoological Park
Current facility Komoro City Zoo
Father Joe
Mother Journey
The individual's face outline is similar to that of Joe, his father. His eyes look like those of his mother, Journey. Since he appeared in shows during his childhood, he can clap his hands and stand on his hands. He sometimes plays with favorite persons. He sometimes throws a pee and collects he on his hand for his unfavorite people such as school-trip groups or fussy visitors. He does not spit at people. He can return goods to caretakers.
This individual is excellent in observation. When he feels interested in a subject, he keeps looking at the subject. When he is displeased, he does not do anything stubbornly. When he wants to stay out, he communicates with a caretaker by transmitting a sign through the eyes. Nowadays, his offensive power has decreased and he becomes calm with age.
Life history
1970.09.18 Mackey was born at Tama Zoological Park. He is the 2nd child of Journey and is the eldest son. He has been artificially bred.
1973.10.11 Mackey came to Komoro City Zoo to substitute for the male chimpanzee who died. Mackey appeared on the show.
1976頃 He llived alone after retired from show.
2008.09.29 Mackey died from peritonitis due to open fracture. offered to GAIN.
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