gibbon : unknown

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:9928    (2016-05-07Updated)
International studbook number: -
Name unknown
Sex Male
Species or Subspecies Hylobates lar
Date of birth 1962.05.08
Place of birth Kyoto City Zoo
Current facility Kyoto City Zoo
Father unknown
Mother unknown   (human rearing)
The individual is the fourth case of gibbon babies born and raised in the country. He was successfully hand raised for the first time in the country [1]. Because there was a problem with his mother's childcare, he was separated from his mother thirty-four to thirty-five hours after birth. His weight was 400 g at that time [1] but rose to 2,800 g at the age of one year, eight months [2].
Life history
Research results using samples from this individual
  1. Sasaki, T. (1962). Hand-rearing a baby gibbon (Hylobates lar). International Zoo Yearbook, 4, 289-290.

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