gibbon : TeTe

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:0036    (2015-06-10Updated)
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Name TeTe
Sex Male
Species or Subspecies Hylobates lar
Date of birth 2008.05.09
Place of birth Noichi Zoological Park of Kochi Prefecture
Current facility Tama Zoological Park
Father Nita
Mother Chaco   (human rearing)
[Japanese studbook number: Hylobates lar #129]
The individual was the second gibbon born at the Noichi Zoological Park of Kochi Prefecture. Due to his weakening at birth, it was determined that his mother could not raise the child by itself; thus, keepers became his surrogate parents. He is covered with black hair, which he inherited from his father. People often mistakenly call Shirote-tenagazaru (pronounced "Shirote-tenagazaru" in Japanese or white-handed gibbon) Shiro-tenagazaru (pronounced "Shiro-tenagazaru" in Japanese or white gibbon). This mistake can be found not only among the general public but also in published literature and among primatologists. Reportedly, he was thus named TeTe with hopes that people would correctly call it by its species. He was hand raised.
Life history
2011.02.28 moved to Tama zoo
2015.03.22 Hari  {0334}  was born. Whose mother was Mitsu  {0074} .
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