gibbon : Kanako

GAIN ID numberGAIN ID number
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:0027    (2016-04-30Updated)
International studbook number: 96

Name Kanako
Sex Female
Species or Subspecies Hylobates pileatus
Date of birth 2001.01.27
Place of birth America (Gibbon Concervation Center)
Current facility Japan Monkey Centre
[Japanese studbook number: Hylobates pileatus #17]
Kanako is from Gibbon Conservation Center, USA. Mother is JR (International studbook number 58). Father is Birute (#55). Younger brother from the same parents is Truman (#155).
Life history
2001.01.27 Kanako was born at Gibbon Concervation Center, USA.
2008.04.01 Kanako was moved to JMC.
2009.09.14 Kanako gave birth to Corry {0029}  whose father was Kan {0028} .
2012.10.31 Kanako gave birth to Trick {0304}  whose father was Kan  {0028} .
2015.11.30 Kanako gave birth to the stillborn no name  {0338}  whose father was Kan  {0028} .
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Research results using samples from this individual
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