chimpanzee : Puppy

GAIN ID numberGAIN ID number
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:0004    (2016-09-28Updated)
International studbook number: -

Name Puppy
Sex Female
Species or Subspecies P. t. schweinfurthii
Date of birth 1979?
Place of birth Wild (Africa)
Current facility Izu Shaboten Zoo
Compared to the body, her palms, fingers, soles, and face are small.
This individual is curious. Although she has appeared in a chimpanzee show for more than 20 years, she still enjoys going to the stage. Since she can unlock with a key, we must be careful with her. She dislikes thunder very much.
Life history
1979? Puppy was born in Africa.
1980.09 imported by Aritake
1980.12.06 moved to Matsushima aquarium
1982.06.09 moved to Aritake
1983.05.25 Puppy moved to Izu Shaboten Park.


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