chimpanzee : Wiley

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:0219    (2021-06-13Updated)
International studbook number: -

Name Wiley
Sex Male
Species or Subspecies P. t. schweinfurthii
Date of birth 1981?
Place of birth unknown (unknown)
Current facility Kofu City Yuuki Park's Zoo
A person in charge of breeding in Kofu City Yuuki Park’s Zoo mentioned on January 31, 2004, that as the individual has an experience to appear in shows at Izu Shaboten Park, he can play performances such as attention, saluting, sitting straight, bye-bye, and lip reversing at present. He copulates with Tina several times. As Tina escapes before ejaculation, his copulation seems to be incomplete. He has a mild character, and he does not attack females without reasons. Banana is his favorite food.
Life history
1981? Wiley was born .
1983.11.11 Wiley moved to Izu Shaboten Park with Bebe  {0220} . He make an appearance on a show.
198? Willy lived in the group in Chimpanzee Island.
1992.07.17 Wiley moved to Kofu City Yuuki Park's Zoo.
1995.03.24 Judy  {0141}  and Tina  {0229}  moved to Kofu City Yuuki Park's Zoo. Wiley lives together with them.
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