chimpanzee : Judy

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:0141    (2015-11-29Updated)
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Name Judy
Sex Female
Species or Subspecies P. t. schweinfurthii
Date of birth 1977?
Place of birth Wild (Africa)
Current facility Kofu City Yuuki Park's Zoo
The individual was named Judy based on Judy Ongg, a popular singer at that time. She is a hard-to-please animal, and she sometimes bites a person. A former trainer in Izu Shaboten Park stated on February 1, 2004, that she was a coordinator in the group and behaved as an elder sister. She did not copulate with Wiley. She liked bread and cabbage and ate them first. She also liked Orin apples. She was nervous, and she looked sometimes cheerful and sometimes moody. When she came to the park first, she bothered a person in charge of breeding without taking yogurt. A person in charge of breeding in Kofu City Yuuki Park’s Zoo mentioned on January 31, 2004, that her eyes were presumed to have been wrong for a long time, and she sometimes closed her eyes partly.
Life history
1977? Judy was born in Africa.
1979.12.24 Judy came to Izu Shaboten Park when he was 2 years old, with Kunta(spell check?)
1980.summer Judy started interacting with visitors.
1981.03.20 Judy, Kunta, Koko and Mimi appeared on the show.
1987.05 Judy retired from show because he bit his trainer. He lived with other individuals in Chimpanzee Island.
1991.01.22 Judy gave birth to Johnny  {0391}  whose father was Epulu  {0230}  or Wiley  {0219} .
1993.10.23 Judy gave birth to Jenny  {0503}  whose father was Epulu  {0230} .
1995.03.24 Judy moved to Kofu City Yuuki Park's Zoo with Tina. She lives with Wiley and Tina.
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