chimpanzee : Pieko

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:0026    (2015-11-29Updated)
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Name Pieko
Sex Female
Species or Subspecies P. t. verus
Date of birth 1965?
Place of birth Wild
Current facility Nogeyama Zoo
The individual has a gentle face with bushy cheek hair.
This individual has a gentle character, and she takes care of Sally {0121}, who came to the garden later. She is a very good child for caretakers.
Life history
1965? Pieko was born.
1966.12.08 Pieko moved to Nogeyama Zoo from Keihin Birds and Animals Trading with Chietan  {0025} .
1978.10.16 Sally  {0121}  moved to Nogeyama Zoo.
1989.06.05 Sally  {0121}  died.
2001.02.12 Chietan  {0025}  was dead of blood poisoning and she is on display as a stuffed specimen at Kanagawa Prefectural Museum (Natural History).
2002.10.15 Kobuhei  {0550}  moved to Nogeyama Zoo.
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