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 TRiP Strains List
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TRiP no Genotype Symbol CG No. Synonym Gene Loc. Reference Request
GL00001  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2  dco  CG2048  ck1epsilon, CKIepsilon, l(3)dco, l(3)dco-1, 1396/02, dbt, l(3)rK215, Dco/CK1, CG2048, l(3)j3B9, DBT, Dco, ddbt, 0915/10, CK1delta/epsilon, DBT/CK1epsilon, 1447/01, dCKIepsilon, CK1epsilon, 1460/09, DCO/CKIe, 0538/13, Dbt, l(3)discs overgrown, l(3)S053813, dco-1, l(3)S144701, l(3)discs overgrown-1, DCO  3R   
GL00002  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2  SelD  CG8553  anon-WO0172774.146, anon-WO0172774.145, Dm SelD, ptuf1, 142926_at, CG8553, selD/sps1, selD, l(2)k12303, Dm-SelD, l(2)SH1599, dsps1, ptuf, SeS, SPS1, ptf1, l(2)SH2 1599, dSPS1  2R   
GL00003  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2  CkIIalpha  CG17520  CKII-alpha, ck2alpha, Ck2alpha, CKIIa, CK2-alpha, CK2, CK-II, CKII alpha, CJIIalpha, Tik, CKII, CK-2, CK2a, CkIIalpha, CG17520, Cask-II-a, CkII, CK2alpha, anon-WO02059370.53, 0958/08, CKIIalfa, DmCK2alpha, l(3)S095808, CK II, alphaCK2, dCKII alpha, ckIIalpha, CK2 alpha, CK-II alpha, CKIIalpha, dCKII, DmCKIIalpha, dCK2alpha  3L   
GL00004  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2  AMPKalpha  CG3051  dAMPKalpha, snf1A, dAMPK, AMPK, DmAMPK alpha, Gprk-4, dAMPKa, CG3051, AmpKalpha, ampkalpha, AK, SNF1A, ampk, FBgn0023169, snf1a, Gprk4, AMPKalpha, EG:132E8.2    temporarily
GL00005  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2  gish  CG6963  Gish, Hrr25, CKIgamma, CK1gamma, CK1-gamma, anon-WO0118547.425, CK1[[gamma]], ms(3)89B, Spider, CKI-related, CK1, CG6963, spider, NEST:bs27c08  3R   
GL00008  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2  Pak  CG10295  Dpak, dpak, p65[PAK], PaK, Pak1, DPak, Dpak1, dPak, D-Pak, DmPAK1, PAK1, pak, PAK2, pak1, DPak1, dPAK, dpak1, DPAK, dPAK1, PAK, CG10295  3R   
GL00009  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2  Pdk  CG8808  CG8808, pdk, BcDNA:LD09837, PDK, DmPDK, DmPdk  2R   
GL00010  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2  Mkk4  CG9738  142758_at, dMKK4, MKK4, Mpk4, dMkk4, mkk4, CT27508, DMKK4, hep, MAPKK4, CG9738, JNKK2, D-MKK4, SEK1/MKK4  3R   
GL00012  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2/TM3,Sb  Tsc1  CG6147  dTSC-1, dtsc1, CG6147, dTsc1, tsc1, dTSC1, rocky, TSC, TSC1, dTSC  3R   
GL00013  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2  awd  CG2210  e(shi)A, NDKB, Nm23/awd, eshiA, 1084/08, l(3)L8700, anon-WO0172774.80, Awd, BcDNA:RH27794, K-pn, Kpn, CG2210, NDPK, clone 2.27, anon-WO0172774.82, anon-EST:Liang-2.27, BcDNA:GM19775, anon-EST:Liang-2.28, clone 2.28, l(3)j2A4  3R   
GL00014  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2  polo  CG12306  POLO/PLK1, l(3)01673, l(3)S132408, l(3)S025604, anon-WO0172774.3, POLO, 0256/04, 1324/08, l(3)77Aa, Polo kinase, Polo, CG12306, PLK1  3L   
GL00015  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2  Tao  CG14217  dTao-1, AAF48973, tao, tao1, tao-1, CG14217, TAO1, Tao-1, MARKK   
GL00016  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2  Spt3  CG3169  CG3169, TFIID, SPT3, dSpt3  3R   
GL00017  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2  dre4  CG1828  dspt16, DRE4/dSPT16, CG1828, spt16, Spt16, dSPT16, SPT16, dSpt16, l(3)dre4, l(3)62Bg  3L   
GL00018  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2  Mnn1  CG13778  MEN1, CG13778, Menin1, menin, mnn1, CG33266  2L   
GL00019  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2/TM3,Sb  lkb1  CG9374  LKB1, STK11, DmLKB1, PAR-4, Lkb1, par-4, dlkb1, anon-EST:Posey135, dLKB1, CG9374, PAR4, LKB1/PEUTZ JEGHERS KINASE  3R   
GL00020  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2/TM3,Sb  lok  CG10895  38B.4, CHK-2, 10895, chk2, DmChk2, loki, Dmchk2, Dmnk, CG10895, Dmnk-S, CHK2, chk2/lok, Chk2, mnk, DmCHk2, Dmnk-L, chk, MNK, Dmnk/DChk2, LOKI/CHK2  2L   
GL00021  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2  CkIalpha  CG2028  ck1a, CK I, PKA-C, CKI, CG2028, anon-WO03040301.93, CkIa, anon-WO03040301.95, CK1, CK1alpha, CKIalpha, CK1a, CkIalpha, l(1)G0492, ck1alpha, CKI alpha, dmckI, dmCK1, CKIa, CkI alpha   
GL00024  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2  Cks30A  CG3738  Cks, CG3738, cdi2, cks30A, Cdi2, rem, cks, U40077, DmCks1, CDI2, fs(2)rem  2L   
GL00025  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2  Pitslre  CG4268  pitslre, CG4268, group 3, cdk11, PITSLRE, Gat, Gta  3L   
GL00026  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2  for  CG10033  dg2, Pkg24A, anon-WO0140519.260, For, Pkg2, BcDNA:GM08338, DG2, l(2)06860, anon-WO02059370.47, Dg2, FOR/PKG, 142251_at, PKG, CG10033  2L   
GL00027  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2  Btk29A  CG8049  CG8049, src28C, C-src4, dsrc29A, Tec, SRC 29A, C-src2, btk, src-4, src2, DSrc28, btk29a, Tec29A, Dm SRC2, fic, Src2, S13, Dsrc29A, btk29A, Tec29, CT41718, c-src/fps, btk29, src4, Src29A, DTec29, Dsrc28C, CG18355, tec29, CT2415  2L   
GL00029  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2  alc  CG8057  betaAMPK, alicorn, CG8057, FBgn0033383, l(2)45Ad, AMPKbeta, 8057  2R   
GL00030  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2  PEK  CG2087  EIF2-like, DmPEK, dPERK, pek, DPERK, Perk, CG2087, pERK, DpERK, perk, PERK  3R   
GL00032  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2/TM3,Sb  Gk  CG7995  dGK, CG7995  3L   
GL00033  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2/TM3,Sb  mri  CG1216  Mri, CG1216  3L   
GL00034  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2  Sk2  CG32484  sk2, CG2159, CG32484, Sphk2, SK2  3L   
GL00036  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2  AdenoK  CG11255  CG11255  3L   
GL00038  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2  Pka-C1  CG4379  PKAcA, pka-C1, 6353, pKA, CG4379, dPKA, Pka-C, Dcpk, PKA-C1, l(2)cos[[1]], Dco, l(2)s4402, dcO, Cos1, PKA CI, pka-c1, Dc0, PkaC1, pka, C, pka C1, pkA, Cos-1, Pka, PKAC1, l(2)01272, dco, Cos, DC0, PKAc, PKA, PKA Cl, DCO, cos1, CdkA  2L   
GL00039  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2  Wee1  CG4488  Wee1, wee, Wee 1, Wee, Dwee, WEE1, wee1, Dwee1, CG4488, dWee1, dwee1  2L   
GL00042  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2  CG14562  CG14562  anon-WO0140519.241, HPS3, NP_649372  3L   
GL00045  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2  CG8878  CG8878  VRK, BcDNA:LD23371  2R   
GL00046  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2  hpo  CG11228  dMST, MST2, MST, Hpo, hipo, CG11228  2R   
GL00047  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2/TM3,Sb  Atg1  CG10967  dATG1, DmATG1, Unc-51, dAtg1, unc51, CG10967, l(3)00305, Unc51, anon-WO0118547.287, UNC 51-like, DK-4, atg1, unc-51, ATG1, ULK1  3L   
GL00049  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2/TM3,Sb  Pk17E  CG7001  BIN4, bin4, pk17e, Pk?4, 3-10, Bin4, CG7001   
GL00051  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2  slik  CG4527  CG4527, Plkk/Slik, slk, Slik1, dPlkk/Slik, Slk, PLKK1, dPlkk, SLK, Slik, DPlkk1, Plkk1  2R   
GL00052  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2  Tak1  CG18492  tak1, dTak, D10, CG18492, DTak, dTAK1, TAK-1, CG1388, TAK1, dtak1, tak, DmTak1, TAK, Tak 1, dTAK, dTAK-1, dTak1, D-tak, Tak, DTak1, D-TAK, DTAK1   
GL00053  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2  fs(1)Yb  CG2706  fs(1)M104, EG:95B7.8, Yb, YB, CG2706, fs(1)Y[b], nov   
GL00054  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2  cuff  CG13190  CG13190  2R   
GL00055  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2  vig  CG4170  CG4170, VIG, BG:DS00929.13, Vig, EP(2)0812  2L   
GL00056  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2  vig  CG4170  CG4170, VIG, BG:DS00929.13, Vig, EP(2)0812  2L   
GL00057  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2/TM3,Sb  bel  CG9748  belle, cg9748, ms(3)Pneo85A, BEL, DmRH6, l(3)L4740, CG9748, ms(3)neo30, l(3)85Ac, anon-85Ab, Bel, cap, L3, l(3)L3, l(3)S047110, l(3)S097074  3R    temporarily
GL00058  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2  ird5  CG4201  Lak, CG4201, ird5/DmIkk[beta], ird, dmIKKbeta, dIKK, IKKbeta, IK, Ird5, dIKK-beta, dLak, Ird-5, LRK, IRD-5, ird-5, IKKB, Dmikkbeta, DIK, IKKb, IRD5, Dmikkb, IKK, dIKKbeta, IKK-beta, anon-89Bd, DmIKK, DmIKKb, ikk, DmIKKBeta, Ikkbeta, DmIkkbeta, DmIKKbeta, Ikkb, DLAK, Ik  3R   
GL00059  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2  CG8866  CG8866  dULK3, UNC 51-like  3R   
GL00061  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2  Stlk  CG40293  LD05623, BcDNA:LD05623, stlk, CG40293  2R   
GL00062  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2/TM3,Sb  CG7328  CG7328    3L   
GL00063  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2  CG7616  CG7616  FBgn 36142  3L   
GL00064  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2  CG5144  CG5144    3L   
GL00065  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2  vari  CG9326  Vari, l(2)38EFa, l(2)03953b, CG9326, l(2)03953, 38E.21, szar  2L   
GL00066  y1 sc v1; P{TRiP}attP2  CG43143  CG43143  NUAK, CG11871, CG11872, CG11870, Omphk1, EMK/KIAA0537  3R   
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