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Stock Detail (Last Update: November 2007_FlyBase version FB2007_11)
 Stock ID 4889R-4 
 Symbol wg  Full Name wingless 
 CG No CG4889  Old CG No CG4889 
 Synonyms Wg, Wnt, dWnt, DWnt-1, WNT, DWint-1, Wnt1, Wnt-1, Sp, l(2)02657, Dm-1, I, int-1, l(2)wg, spd, l(2)rO727, fg, Gla, Dint-1, CG4889, Br, wg, wgl, WG 
 Accession No (Link to NCBI)  
 Inserted Chr. ll 
 Insertional Mutation   
 Phenotype induced by Act5C-GAL4 at 28 degrees lethal 
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Wang X, LaFever KS, Waghmare I, Page-McCaw A.
Extracellular spreading of Wingless is required for Drosophila oogenesis.
PLoS Genet (2021) 17(4) e1009469 [ PubMed ID = 33798197 ] [ RRC reference ]

Wu C, Li Z, Ding X, Guo X, Sun Y, Wang X, Hu Y, Li T, La X, Li J, Li JA, Li W, Xue L.
Snail modulates JNK-mediated cell death in Drosophila.
Cell Death Dis (2019) 10(12) 893 [ PubMed ID = 31772150 ] [ RRC reference ]

Wang X, Page-McCaw A.
A matrix metalloproteinase mediates long-distance attenuation of stem cell proliferation.
J Cell Biol (2014) 206(7) 923-36 [ PubMed ID = 25267296 ] [ RRC reference ]

Akai N, Igaki T, Ohsawa S.
Wingless signaling regulates winner/loser status in Minute cell competition.
Genes Cells (2018) 23(3) 234-240 [ PubMed ID = 29431244 ] [ RRC reference ]

Ohsawa S, Sato Y, Enomoto M, Nakamura M, Betsumiya A, Igaki T.
Mitochondrial defect drives non-autonomous tumour progression through Hippo signalling in Drosophila.
Nature (2012) 490(7421) 547-51 [ PubMed ID = 23023132 ] [ RRC reference ]

Zhang S, Chen C, Wu C, Yang Y, Li W, Xue L.
The canonical Wg signaling modulates Bsk-mediated cell death in Drosophila.
Cell Death Dis (2015) 6 e1713 [ PubMed ID = 25855961 ] [ RRC reference ]

Inaki M, Kojima T, Ueda R, Saigo K.
Requirements of high levels of Hedgehog signaling activity for medial-region cell fate determination in Drosophila legs: identification of pxb, a putative Hedgehog signaling attenuator gene repressed along the anterior-posterior compartment boundary.
Mech Dev (2002) 116(1-2) 3-18 [ PubMed ID = 12128201 ] [ RRC reference ]  
 Sequence (Last Update: July 10, 2007_NCBI RefSeq Release 24)
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 Primer Seq. 3'
 Predicted Fragment Size
 IR fragment full Seq
 in silico PCR Fragment
 Assemble Data
 Off-target information (Last Update: November 4, 2007_NCBI RefSeq Release 26)
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