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RNAi Stocks Application Procedure
  1. Search For and Add Stocks to Your Order
  2. Confirm MTA Document
  3. Enter Your Personal Information
  4. Check Your Order
  5. Order Accepted

 1. Search For and Add Stocks to Your Order
     /images/request_procedure_1_1.gif 1.1  Search for stocks using the Stocks List screen.
1.2  Click on the add.gif button to place the appropriate stock into your cart.



Confirm the stocks which you have requested and continue adding stocks into your cart if necessary.

1.4  When you have finished placing stocks into your cart, click on the request.gif button to continue with your order.

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 2. Confirm MTA Document
It is necessary to agree to the MTA (Material Transfer Agreement) for your request.
Read the sample MTA Document (Pdf file) and confirm the contents.

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 3. Enter Your Personal Information
/images/request_procedure_2.gif • Repeat Users
  Enter your DGRC User ID and password. Then click the "Next" button.

• First-time Users
  Click the "new registration" button to enter your personal information in the following page.

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 4.Check Your Order
/images/request_procedure_3_1.gif 4.1  Stocks Request - Confirm

Confirm your order and user information.

To change your user information, click the "Edit User Information" button.

lease enter your comments into the comments textbox.

Click the "Send" button when you are finished.



Stocks Request - Order Processed

Your request will be processed.

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 5. Order Confirmation
This completes your order. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address which you have registered.

A material transfer agreement (MTA) form will be attached to the request confirmation e-mail. Principal investigators should print out two copies and fill the blanks. Please send both copies to the following address. DO NOT send by FAX or e-mail. Your order is finalized when we receive the MTA and then we will prepare the shipment.

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