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NIG-Fly - Fly Stocks of National Institute of Genetics (NIG) Drosophila strain -NIG-Fly - Fly Stocks of National Institute of Genetics (NIG) Drosophila strain -NIG-Fly - Fly Stocks of National Institute of Genetics (NIG) Drosophila strain -
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  • NIG-RNAi系統の一部4,442系統の生体での分譲を停止し、アルコール標本としました。
2019年 4月
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    "Drosophila Genetic Resource Center (DGRC) Kyoto, Japan ", and "Drosophila Genomics Resource Center (DGRC) Bloomington, USA" are completely different organizations.
    NIG-FLY and DGRC Kyoto Japan share user ID's but not with DGRC Bloomington. Please make sure you have the right ID before you enter our site. Four numbers compose DGRC user ID, for example 1234.

Required Forms
    Some country needs import permit labels/documents (USA, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan etc.), animal identification, health certification and so on. Please make sure to send all required forms along with a copy of your order confirmation mail. We cannot guarantee the shipment if we don't receive exact forms.

US Customers's Required Forms
    On Sep. 30, 2013, USDA APHIS changed the policy and simplified the necessary document for Drosophila stock importation. They issue the courtesy permit and the Letter of No Jurisdiction. This will enable us to ship directly to you without going through USDA APHIS. Please upload the Courtesy permit and the Letter of No Jurisdiction at the time of ordering. As in the past, you can use "the permit, blue and white label, and domestic waybill" and send them by e-mail or airmail.
    If your order is plasmid only, no need for the permit and the waybill.

Term for Payment
    You will not be charged at the moment you place an order.
    Payment will be settled the day we confirm your shipment. This period, from order to shipment, should complete in 60 days, otherwise your order will be expired and canceled.
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 About RNAi fly - 13,256 stocks (9,996 genes)
 About Cas9 fly -  28 stocks (3 plasmids)
  About gRNA fly -  1,176 stocks (1,174 genes)
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