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NIG-Fly - Fly Stocks of National Institute of Genetics (NIG) Drosophila strain -NIG-Fly - Fly Stocks of National Institute of Genetics (NIG) Drosophila strain -NIG-Fly - Fly Stocks of National Institute of Genetics (NIG) Drosophila strain -
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 gRNA Stocks List
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Stock ID CG No Symbol Name Synonyms Ref. (PubMed ID) Request
2LG-0001 CG43850 CG43850  
2LG-0002 CG2807 CG2807 anon-21Cd, SF3B  
2LG-0003 CG4839 CG4839 PKG-like  
2LG-0004 CG9550 CG9550 d6ST2  
2LG-0005 CG9310 Hnf4 Hepatocyte nuclear factor 4 dHNF4, HNF-4(D),dHNF-4, HNF-4, Hnf-4h, DmHNF4, HNF4alpha, NR2A4, Hnf-4, Hepatocyte nuclear factor 4 homologue  
2LG-0006 CG4341 CG4341 BcDNA:GH12144  
2LG-0007 CG6724 CG6724 Ribosome biogenesis protein WDR12 homolog  
2LG-0008 CG15482 CG15482  
2LG-0009 CG10718 neb nebbish KLP38B, Dm0332, DmKlp38B, sl(2)ry3, l(2)k07614, KLP 38B, Klp38, Mot, KIF14,38B.12, KLP-38B, tio, KIF 14, l(2)03552, l(2)k00802,38B.10, DmNeb, sl(2)ry, klp38B, Klp38B, nebb, Kinesin3C, tiovivo, Kinesin-like protein at 38B, Mothra  
2LG-0010 CG13390 CG13390  
2LG-0011 CG7968 CG7968 BG:DS00941.15, DS00941.15  
2LG-0012 CG14042 CG14042 NEST:bs13e02, CG14041  
2LG-0013 CG4587 CG4587 BG:DS07108.2, mdcds_3066, DS07108.2  
2LG-0014 CG13391 AlaRS Alanyl-tRNA synthetase alaS, Aats-ala, ARS  
2LG-0015 CG7456 CG7456 Cog4  
2LG-0016 CG6675 CG6675  
2LG-0017 CG5734 CG5734 DmSNX17  
2LG-0018 CG6291 ApepP Aminopeptidase P Apep[P], AP-P, DAP-P, Daminopep-p  
2LG-0019 CG17078 CG17078 anon-21Cb, anon-21Cb  
2LG-0020 CG5142 CG5142 TTC30  
2LG-0021 CG7254 GlyP Glycogen phosphorylase l(2)k07918, anon-WO0257455.33, DGPH, GP, Glp1, BcDNA:LD24485, glycogen phosphorylase b  
2LG-0022 CG5075 Vha68-3 Vacuolar H[+] ATPase 68kD subunit 3 Vha68, vha67-3, Vacuolar H[+] ATPase subunit 68-3  
2LG-0023 CG13135 CG13135  
2LG-0024 CG31639 CG31639 NEST:bs29d12, NEST:bs21c05  
2LG-0025 CG34366 Shawl Shaw-like CG4450, Kv3, CG13111, Kv3.2, CG4450, CG13111  
2LG-0026 CG15404 CG15404  
2LG-0027 CG31694 CG31694 CG15401, CG3098  
2LG-0028 CG13950 CG13950  
2LG-0029 CG14535 CG14535 KIF26A/B, DmKIF26, KIF26, Kinesin11, Kinesin Superfamily Protein 26  
2LG-0030 CG3748 CG3748 anon-WO0140519.143, BcDNA:AT30262  
2LG-0031 CG3582 U2af38 U2 small nuclear riboprotein auxiliary factor 38 DU2AF38, l(2)06751, dU2AF38, Utaf38, U2AF, dU2AF[38], U2AF 38  
2LG-0032 CG7953 CG7953 BG:DS00941.14, DS00941.14, anon-WO0140519.73  
2LG-0033 CG10354 Rat1 Rat1 5'-3' exoribonuclease dhp1, XRN2, Xrn2, dRAT1  
2LG-0034 CG13773 CG13773 BEST:GH23590  
2LG-0035 CG16858 vkg viking Coll IValpha2,6072, l(2)01209, alpha(IV)2/vkg, DmColA2, VkgC, coll. IV, col4a2,1209, CT25584, coll-IV, collagen-IV, type IV collagen, alpha-chain, type IV collagenS, Collagen IV, Type IV collagen, collagenIV a2, collagen IV, collagen IV alpha2  
2LG-0036 CG3240 Rad1 Radiation insensitive 1 Rad1[Dm], DmRad1, Dromel_CG3240_FBtr0077747_rad1_mORF  
2LG-0037 CG10528 fs(2)ltoPP43 female sterile (2) ltoPP43 BEST:LD12957, LD12957, l(2)38Ac  
2LG-0038 CG11454 CG11454 dRbm7  
2LG-0039 CG7085 sau sauron BEST:LD28579, BcDNA:LD10657, rti, GOLPH3, l(2)s5379, rotini, lethal (2) s5379  
2LG-0040 CG13240 ND-B17 NADH dehydrogenase (ubiquinone) B17 subunit BG:DS09217.1, NB7M, BcDNA:GM23292, l(2)35Di, NADH ubiquinone oxidoreductase B17, NADH-ubiquinone oxidoreductase B17 subunit, NADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase B17 subunit, lethal (2) 35Di  
2LG-0041 CG6417 Oatp33Eb Organic anion transporting polypeptide 33Eb oatp 33Eb  
2LG-0042 CG4230 CG4230  
2LG-0043 CG9280 Glt Glutactin CT26441  
2LG-0044 CG9159 Kr-h2 Kruppel homolog 2 anon-26Ba, Kr-h, anon-26Ba, Kruppel homolog  
2LG-0045 CG15627 Ir25a Ionotropic receptor 25a CT35778, DmelIR25a, Ionotropic Receptor 25a  
2LG-0046 CG4749 l(2)10685 lethal (2) 10685 anon-WO0118547.81  
2LG-0047 CG11050 CG11050 BcDNA:LD22339  
2LG-0048 CG4968 CG4968 Q9VL00, OTUB1  
2LG-0049 CG13400 D12 D12 Yeats2  
2LG-0050 CG10158 Fgop2 Fibroblast growth factor receptor 1 oncogene partner 2 FGFR1OP2, Fibroblast growth factor receptor 1 oncogene partner 2 ortholog  
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