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NIG-Fly - Fly Stocks of National Institute of Genetics (NIG) Drosophila strain -NIG-Fly - Fly Stocks of National Institute of Genetics (NIG) Drosophila strain -NIG-Fly - Fly Stocks of National Institute of Genetics (NIG) Drosophila strain -
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General Information of NIG-FLY RNAi stocks


How to use NIG-FLY Stock Center



 Q. What kind of fly stocks does NIG-FLY have?

A. We provide RNAi fly stocks that can produce dsRNA by crossing with an appropriate GAL4 driver and knockdown targeted genes (see gAbout RNAi Flyh). You can download a list of full information from the top page gDownload All RNAi Stocks Filesh.



 Q. How can I get a protocol for establishing fly stocks?

A. Please see gAbout RNAi Fly--> Method--> Injection and line establishment--> Fig.2h. Especially, we used w; Sp/SM1; Pr/TM3 double balancer fly for establishing transgenic fly stocks.



 Q. How can I get detailed information on a specific stock?

A. Search the stock ID, ex. 1001R-1, and click the gStock IDh. You will jump to gRNAi Stock Detailh which shows general stock information, vector information, off-target information and so on.



 Q. Is there any white-eyed fly contaminated?

A. Sorry but yes, there are possibilities of white-eyed contamination. White+ is used as a marker but some lines are contaminated with white-eyed flies. They are originated from a failure of balancing caused by multiple insertions. We are trying to cure these lines, anyway please check their eye color before using.



 Q. We found Cy and Sb flies in some stocks.

A. We have established RNAi fly lines with SM1; TM3 balancer chromosome. (w; Sp/SM1, Cy; Pr/TM3, Sb Ser, see About RNAi Fly--> Method--> Injection and line establishment--> Fig.2). Generally our stocks have been cleaned up for the balancers, but sometimes both balancers are left when lethal mutation is caused on the non- P inserted chromosome



 Q. Are there mites in your fly stocks?

A. We cannot guarantee that our stocks are mite free. Please DO NOT mix with your clean stocks before inspection. However, we try keeping our stocks under clean condition and frequent transfers in order to avoid mites. If you find any problems in the stocks you received from us, please contact gflyadmin AT nig DOT ac DOT jph.



 Q. I would like to know DGRC recipe for Drosophila medium.

A. Please see gAbout NIG-FLYh.



How to use NIG-FLY Stock Center


 Q. How can I get RNAi fly stocks?

A. Please follow the procedure described below.

1) Get a DGRC ID by registering yourself from gRegister here!h.

If you agree to our policy, fill in the form and click gsubmith. The principal investigator, person responsible for payments, must submit this form.

ID and password will be sent to you by email.

2) Search stocks by our searching form. You can use stock ID, CG number, gene name and symbol(s) as keywords. You can add details using gAdvanced Searchh and also upload or past multiple stocks copied from a list.

3) Click gOrderh button and make sure your stock is added into the cart. If you need more stocks, go back to the top page, search and order again.

4) Click gRequesth to order all stocks in your cart.

5) Read carefully instructions.

6) Log in by your DGRC ID and confirm your order. Select your order type. If you do NOT select the correct order type, your order will be cancelled even after the completion of your order.

7) Read MTA and if you agree to our policy, check gagreeh box.

If you select gRe-Orderh, this process could be skipped.

8) Confirm your order again and proceed to payment.

9) Input your credit card information and complete the status. You will receive a confirmation mail in a few minutes. If you donft receive this mail, contact us (flyadmin AT nig DOT ac DOT jp).

10) We will send you an e-mail with a tracking number when your order is ready for shipping.



 Q. I registered with DGRC, but I have not received my DGRC ID.

A. Before you submit, make sure that your email address is correct. DGRC ID and password will be sent automatically to the registered email address. If you donft receive the mail in few minutes, system might be down or is in some kind of trouble. Please contact us (flyadmin AT nig DOT ac DOT jp).



 Q. I cannot log in with my DGRC ID.

A. Please make sure you have the right ID before you enter our site. Four-digit number compose DGRC user ID, for example 1234.

gDrosophila Genetic Resource Center (DGRC) Kyoto, Japanh, and gDrosophila Genomics Resource Center (DGRC) Bloomington, USAh are completely different organizations. NIG-FLY and DGRC-Kyoto Japan share user IDs but not with DGRC-Bloomington.



Q. Do I have to sign the MTA every time?

A. Yes, we require the MTA for each new stock. Please contract the MTA whenever you select gNew Orderh.



 Q. What should I do before ordering transgenic flies?

A. Please complete all the necessary formalities at your institute and your country. Transgenic flies at NIG-FLY are regulated under Japanese laws and the Cartagena Protocol on Bio-safety of the Convension on Biological Diversity. The regulation at the P1A level is required regarding safe handling, storage, transport and use.



 Q. How much dose it cost to receive RNAi fly stocks?

A. We charge 180 JPY per stock, 720 JPY per plasmid , 1230 JPY handling fee per shipment and shipping fee. You can find the shipment fee to your destination here .



 Q. How should I pay?

A. We accept payment by credit card ( VISA or MasterCard only), which system is provided through a cryptographically protected connection, SSL (Secure Socket Layer). To complete placing the order, you have to fulfill your credit card information (such as card numbers and expiration date), however this information will NOT be transmitted to NIG-FLY. Pre-clearance period is from the day you place order until shipment is settled. Actual clearance will be settled on the day we confirm your shipment. Pre-clearance period should complete in 60 days , otherwise your order will be canceled.

Please see gPayment and Fee Informationh.



 Q. When will the charge be withdrawn from my account?

A. Clearance information will be sent to your credit card company at the end of the month. Usually, you will be charged in two to three months after the clearance date. If you have any questions, please contact your credit card company.



 Q. Is there any other way to pay except credit cards?

A. Sorry we only accept credit card.



 Q. The payment amount on the invoice has changed from the first mail I received

A. We put rough fee information in the first confirmation mail. During the shipment status, fee will be re-calculated after we check the actual weight. Please check your final invoice attached to the shipment confirmation mail.



 Q. My order has been canceled!

A. There are few reasons for cancellation.

1) When you ask us to cancel the order.

2) When your credit card expire before the shipment. Please make sure your card wonft expire at least in 90 days, during the pre-clearance term.



 Q. Can I order many stocks at a time?

A. 200 stocks a month per one lab/PI is the limit we can accept.



 Q. What is your shipping schedule?

A. NIG-FLY stock center ships fly stocks every Tuesday (once a week). Orders, which MTA procedure has completed by Wednesday, will be shipped next Tuesday. We will send a shipment confirmation mail with a tracking number of the package as soon as we clarify the shipment.

We do not ship during Golden Week Holidays (early May), Summer Bon Holidays (mid-August) and New Year Holidays. Please see gShipping Scheduleh. Orders received after the deadline will be shipped after the holidays.



 Q. I cannot find the fly stocks I am looking for!

A. Please try using other keywords. You can also download full information from the top page gDownload All RNAi Stocks Filesh. Sometimes we hide weak stocks temporally from the list until they become available for shipment. In this case, please wait a few weeks and search it again.



 Q. I cannot place an order!


1) Please see "How to order RNAi Stocks"

2) Check your OS & browser combination.

3) Erase all cookies and cashes left in you browser, both from "" and "". Access directly to the following address and place an order again. If you still have problems, please let us know the details by email (flyadmin AT nig DOT ac DOT jp).



 Q. I received a package without females/ larvae/ all are dead.

A. We strictly check all of the fly stocks before dispatch. Unfortunately, in case you find any stocks under those circumstances, please let us know by stock ID(s), request ID, DGRC ID and name of PI as soon as possible. We will send flies again for free. However, if the package was confirmed to be delivered normally into your country, we cannot guarantee after the condition, such as custom procedures. In some cases we should ask you to place a new order.



 Q. The fly stocks I requested were not included in the shipment.

A. Sometimes stocks are too weak or the demand for one certain stock is too great for us to supply. The reason is printed on the invoice, which is attached to the shipment confirmation mail. Stocks will be shipped as soon as they become available for shipment with no additional fee. NIG-FLY tries to delete weak stocks from our distribution list, however occasionally the list might not been updated when you placed the order.



 Q. Send me some flies. I would like to culture them for sale.

A. We will not send flies for the person/organization for the purposes of profit-making business.



 Q. Send me virgin flies. / Send me about 100 adult flies for my experiment.

A. Sorry, but NIG-FLY does not provide service of technical assistance for your experiments. We will send enough flies for the next generation. Please use the new born flies as you need.



 Q. How can I express acknowledgements in papers?

A. Thank you very much. We suggest the following statement to be used: "The fly stock was obtained from NIG-Fly Stock Center." Please add an acknowledgement when publishing your research work using our RNAi fly stocks. Also, if you enter publication information to our gReference Feedbackg system, your information will be added to our gRNAi stock detailh page. Many users will be able to access and share your paper information. Your cooperation would be very helpful for us to operate the center with continuous support from Japanese government.

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