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Ryoko Ohno, Hiroshi Teramura, Chiaki Ogino, Akihiko Kondo and Shigeo Takumi
Effects of semi-dwarf and glaucousness genes on sugar contents in liquid hydrolysates and saccharificated acid-insoluble residues from wheat straw
eWIS-2018-0001 , Published : January 29, 2018

Qudratullah Soofizada, Elias Mohmand, M. H. Azmatyar, Rajiv Sharma
Two New Rainfed Wheat Varieties for Afghanistan
eWIS-2017-0008 , Published : January 29, 2018

Naoko Mizoo, Shigeo Takumi and Kentaro Yoshida
Transient gene expression in the wheat leaf cells with the low-pressure gene delivery system.
eWIS-2017-0006 , Published : December 14, 2017