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Name Replicon Request
pTC181 pMB1
pTC182 pMB1
pTC191 pMB1
pTC192 pMB1
pTH18cr pSC101
pTH18cs1 pSC101ts
pTH18cs5 pSC101ts
pTH18kr pSC101
pTH18ks1 pSC101ts
pTH18ks5 pSC101ts
pTH19cr pSC101
pTH19cs1 pSC101ts
pTH19cs5 pSC101ts
pTH19kr pSC101
pTH19ks1 pSC101ts
pTH19ks5 pSC101ts
pTM-N pMB1
pTO pMB1
pTR27 p15A
pTR34 p15A
pTSA30 pSC101ts/f1
pTSC30 pSC101ts/f1
pTSK30 pSC101ts/f1
pTSV-1 pMB1
pTSV-2a pMB1
pTSV-2b pMB1
pTSV-3a pMB1
pTSV-3b pMB1
pTTQ18 pMB1
pTTQ19 pMB1
pTTQ8 pMB1
pTTQ9 pMB1
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