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Name Replicon Request
pSC101 pSC101
pSC201 pSC101ts
pSCC31-B12 pMB1
pSE111 p15A
pSF1 pMB1/f1
pSL775 pMB1
pSP62-K2 pMB1
pSP64 pMB1
pSP64Delta1 pMB1
pSP65 pMB1
pSSVI215 pSC101
pSSVI216-1 p15A
pSSVI216-2 p15A
pSSVI217 pMB1/M13
pSSVI218 RK2
pSY343 R1(copy mutant)
pSY396 F
pSY510 p15A
pSY516 p15A
pSY544 p15A
pSY594 pMB1
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