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Name Replicon Request
pMA2 pSC101ts
pMAM17 pMB1
pMAM23A pMB1
pMAM23B pMB1
pMAM23C pMB1
pMBL18 p15A
pMBL19 p15A
pMC1403 pMB1
pMC1871 pMB1
pMC81 ColE1
pMC931 p15A
pMCL200 p15A
pMCL210 p15A
pMF1 F
pMF3 F
pMOB45 R1(copy mutant)
pMPM-A2 pMB1/f1
pMPM-A3 p15A/f1
pMPM-A4omega pMB1/f1
pMPM-A5omega pMB1/f1
pMPM-A6omega p15A/f1
pMPM-K1 pMB1/f1
pMPM-K2 pMB1/f1
pMPM-K3 p15A/f1
pMPM-K4omega pMB1/f1
pMPM-K5omega pMB1/f1
pMPM-K6omega p15A/f1
pMPM-T1 pMB1/f1
pMPM-T2 pMB1/f1
pMPM-T3 p15A/f1
pMPM-T4omega pMB1/f1
pMPM-T5omega pMB1/f1
pMPM-T6omega p15A/f1
pMR-7wt pMB1/M13
pMR100 pMB1
pMS102 pMB1/M13
pMS103 pMB1/M13
pMS246 pMB1
pMS252 pMB1
pMS255 pMB1
pMS266 pMB1
pMS272 pMB1
pMS40 R6K
pMT416 pMB1
pMT440 pMB1
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