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Name Replicon Request
pK18 pMB1
pK18mob pMB1
pK18mobsacB pMB1
pK19 pMB1
pK19mob pMB1
pKC101 pMB1
pKC37 pMB1
pKC7 pMB1
pKD368 pMB1/f1
pKF1 pMB1
pKF16c pMB1
pKF16k pMB1
pKF17c pMB1
pKF17k pMB1
pKF18c pMB1
pKF18k pMB1
pKF19c pMB1
pKF19k pMB1
pKF2 pMB1
pKF3 pMB1
pKF4 pMB1
pKK232-8 pMB1
pKLJ10 pMB1
pKLJ12 F
pKMtacI pMB1
pKMtacII pMB1
pKN1562 R1
pKP497 pMB1
pKRP10 pMB1
pKRP11 pMB1
pKRP12 pMB1
pKRP13 pMB1
pKRX pMB1/f1
pKSM710 pMB1/fd
pKSM711 pMB1/fd
pKSM712 pMB1/fd
pKSM713 pMB1/fd
pKSM714 pMB1/fd
pKSM715 pMB1/fd
pKSM717 pMB1/fd
pKSM718 pMB1/fd
pKSS pMB1/f1
pKT234 ColD
pKT235 ColD
pKT252 ColD
pKT254 ColD
pKUN19 pMB1/f1/Ike
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