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Name Replicon Request
pJAC4 pMB1
pJB655 RK2
pJB658 RK2
pJB861 RK2
pJB864 RK2
pJB866 RK2
pJBS633 pMB1/f1
pJDT1 pMB1/f1
pJDT3 pMB1/f1
pJJS1010 R1(copy mutant)
pJK286 F
pJK289 F
pJN101 pRK2
pJN105 pBBR1(Bordelella bronchiseptica)
pJN106 pRK2
pJP5603 R6K
pJP5608 R6K
pJRtac99 pMB1
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