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Name Replicon Request
pHA10 pMB1
pHC79 pMB1
pHE3 p15A
pHM6050 R1
pHP45omega pMB1
pHP45omega-Ap pMB1
pHP45omega-Cm pMB1
pHP45omega-Hg pMB1
pHP45omega-Km pMB1
pHP45omega-Tc pMB1
pHP45omegaaac pMB1
pHP45omegahyg pMB1
pHR277 F
pHRP308 RSF1010
pHRP309 RSF1010
pHRP310 pMB1
pHRP311 RSF1010
pHRP315 pMB1
pHRP316 pMB1
pHRP317 pMB1
pHSG298 pMB1
pHSG299 pMB1
pHSG396 pMB1
pHSG397 pMB1
pHSG398 pMB1
pHSG399 pMB1
pHSG415r pSC101
pHSG415s pSC101ts
pHSG422 pSC101ts
pHSG575 pSC101
pHSG576 pSC101
pHSG587 pSC101
pHSG664 pMB1
pHSG673 pMB1
pHSG683 pMB1
pHSG685 pMB1
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