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Name Replicon Request
pCAH56 R6K
pCAH63 R6K
pCAL-n pMB1
pCB182 pMB1
pCB192 pMB1
pCB264 pMB1
pCB267 pMB1
pCBC1 M13
pCBC2 M13
pCF430 RK2
pCGV1 pMB1
pCL1920 pSC101
pCL1921 pSC101
pCL476 pMB1
pCL478 pMB1
pCM7 pMB1
pCP11B p15A
pCP15 pMB1
pCP16 pMB1
pCP3 R1(copy mutant)
pCP40 R1(copy mutant)
pCS22 pMB1/f1
pCS24 pMB1/f1
pCW107 R1(copy mutant)
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