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tRNA Report : alaU
PEC Original Annotations
     Class non-essential
     References (PMID)
Microbiol Mol Biol Rev. 1998;62(3):814-984
Linkage map of Escherichia coli K-12, edition 10: the traditional map.
Berlyn MK. ( 9729611 )
     Deletion OCL23 (D)  ,  OCL23-14 (D)  
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General information  (Go to Linear View:)
 tRNA Name alaU  
 Alternative name b3276,ECK3263,JWR0077,talD  
 Location, Length 3,424,980 - 3,425,055 (  -  ) ;   73.82 min ; 76 (bp) , Go to Linear View
 Product tRNA-Ala  
 Operon Name rrsD-ileU-alaU-rrlD-rrfD-thrV-rrfF  
 Note anticodon: UGC  
 Gene Ontology  
 EC number
  (KEGG Pathway)

 Linear View (Whole Mode)
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   3415.0  –  3440.0 (KBP)

Homology Analysis
    PDB     (database updated : 2007.02.20 )
    SWISS-PROT     (database updated : 2007.02.20 )
    nr     (database updated : 2007.02.20 )
Pfam 28.0   (database updated : 2015-05 )

Other Cross-Reference
    EcoCyc alaU 

MMBR References
J Mol Biol. 1990;212(4):579-98.
Genomic organization and physical mapping of the transfer RNA genes in Escherichia coli K12.
Komine Y, Adachi T, Inokuchi H, Ozeki H. ( 2184240 )

FASTA format

View sequence out neighbor 100bp
-100                                             ttagagcgca cccctgataa gggtgaggtc 
-070 ggtggttcaa gtccactcag gcctaccaaa tttgcacggc aaatttgaag aggttttaac tacatgttat 
0001 ggggctatag ctcagctggg agagcgcctg ctttgcacgc aggaggtctg cggttcgatc ccgcatagct 
0071 ccaccatctc tgtagtgatt aaataaaaaa tacttcagag tgtacctgca aaggttcact gcgaagtttt 
0141 gctctttaaa aatctggatc aagctgaaaa ttgaaa