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Gene Report : rnhA
PEC Original Annotations
     Class non-essential
     References (PMID)
Escherichia coli and Salmonella, Cellular and Molecular Biology Second Edition. ASM Press. 1996
Neidhart, F.C.
     Deletion OCR36 (D)  
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General information  (Go to Linear View:)
 Gene Name rnhA  
 Alternative name b0214,cer,dasF,ECK0214,herA,JW0204,rnh,sdrA,sin  
 Location, Length 235,535 - 236,002 (  -  ) ;   5.08 min ; 468 (bp) ,   155 (aa) Go to Linear View
 Product ribonuclease HI, degrades RNA of DNA-RNA hybrids  
 Operon Name rnhA  
 Note RNase HI, degrades RNA of DNA-RNA hybrids, participates in DNA replication; GO_component: GO:0005737 - cytoplasm; GO_process: GO:0006401 - RNA catabolic process; GO_process: GO:0006261 - DNA-dependent DNA replication; GO_process: GO:0006508 - proteolysis  
 Function enzyme; Degradation of RNA  
 Gene Ontology GO:0000287 ; magnesium ion binding ( rnhA )
GO:0003676 ; nucleic acid binding ( rnhA )
GO:0004518 ; nuclease activity ( rnhA )
GO:0004519 ; endonuclease activity ( rnhA )
GO:0004523 ; ribonuclease H activity ( rnhA )
GO:0005737 ; cytoplasm ( rnhA )
GO:0006401 ; RNA catabolic process ( rnhA )
GO:0016787 ; hydrolase activity ( rnhA )
GO:0046872 ; metal ion binding ( rnhA )
 PID 1786408  
 EC number
  (KEGG Pathway)  
Verified Protein Starts (data compiled from literature and appropriate citations are available from EcoGene)
     EcoGene rnhA ( EG10860 )  
    Number of removed 0 aa cleaved  
SWISS-PROT  ( Show details [ 1 more] )
  botton Entry name( RNH_ECOLI ( P00647 ; Q8FKY5 )
    -  Protein name Ribonuclease HI  
    -  Synonyms EC, RNase HI, Ribonuclease H, RNase H  
    -  Gene name OrderedLocusNames=b0214, c0251, z0239, ECs0210, SF0201, S0208;  

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   225.0  –  250.0 (KBP)

Homology Analysis
         GTOP rnhA (  homologous genes of other bacterias  )  
    PDB     (database updated : 2007.02.20 )
         PSI-BLAST Chain , Ribonuclease H  
    SWISS-PROT     (database updated : 2007.02.20 )
         BLAST Ribonuclease HI (RNase HI) (Ribonuclease H) (RNase H)  
         PSI-BLAST Ribonuclease HI (RNase HI) (Ribonuclease H) (RNase H)
    nr     (database updated : 2007.02.20 )
         BLAST RNase HI, degrades RNA of DNA-RNA hybrids, participates in DNA replication [Escherichia coli UTI89]  
Pfam 28.0   (database updated : 2015-05 )

Other Cross-Reference
    COG COG0328L 
    EcoCyc rnhA 

MMBR References
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DNA sequence and coding properties of mutD(dnaQ) a dominant Escherichia coli mutator gene.
Cox EC, Horner DL. ( 3023634 )

Amino acid
FASTA format

FASTA format

View sequence out neighbor 100bp
-100                                             atcgagaacg atctggcgtg taattgcagt 
-070 gctcatagcg gtcatttatg tcagacttgt cgttttacag ttcgattcaa ttacaggaag tctaccagag 
0001 atgcttaaac aggtagaaat tttcaccgat ggttcgtgtc tgggcaatcc aggacctggg ggttacggcg 
0071 ctattttacg ctatcgcgga cgcgagaaaa cctttagcgc tggctacacc cgcaccacca acaaccgtat 
0141 ggagttgatg gccgctattg tcgcgctgga ggcgttaaaa gaacattgcg aagtcatttt gagtaccgac 
0211 agccagtatg tccgccaggg tatcacccag tggatccata actggaaaaa acgtggctgg aaaaccgcag 
0281 acaaaaaacc agtaaaaaat gtcgatctct ggcaacgtct tgatgctgca ttggggcagc atcaaatcaa 
0351 atgggaatgg gttaaaggcc atgccggaca cccggaaaac gaacgctgtg atgaactggc tcgtgccgcg 
0421 gcgatgaatc ccacactgga agatacaggc taccaagttg aagtttaagc ctgtggttta cgacattgcc 
0491 gggtggctcc aaccgcctgg cgaattcgtg gcttgttttt actctgtttc atcggattta gcgttaaagg 
0561 aatagtcc