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Gene Report : ihfA
PEC Original Annotations
     Class non-essential
     References (PMID)
     Deletion OCL85,86-8 (AK4-4 / BK6-4) (D)  
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General information  (Go to Linear View:)
 Gene Name ihfA  
 Alternative name b1712,ECK1710,hid,himA,JW1702  
 Location, Length 1,793,277 - 1,793,576 (  -  ) ;   38.65 min ; 300 (bp) ,   99 (aa) Go to Linear View
 Product integration host factor (IHF), DNA-binding protein, alpha subunit  
 Operon Name thrS-infC-rpmI-rplT-pheMST-ihfA  
 Note integration host factor (IHF), alpha subunit; site specific recombination; GO_component: GO:0005737 - cytoplasm; GO_process: GO:0006310 - DNA recombination  
 Function factor; DNA - replication, repair,restriction/modification  
 Gene Ontology GO:0003677; DNA binding ( ihfA )
GO:0005694; chromosome ( ihfA )
GO:0006310; DNA recombination ( ihfA )
GO:0006350; transcription ( ihfA )
GO:0006355; regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent ( ihfA )
GO:0006417; regulation of translation ( ihfA )
 PID 1788005  
 EC number
  (KEGG Pathway)
SWISS-PROT  ( Show details )
  botton Entry name( IHFA_ECOLI ( P06984 )
    -  Protein name Integration host factor alpha-subunit  
    -  Synonyms IHF-alpha  
    -  Gene name OrderedLocusNames=b1712, c2109, z2741, ECs2419, SF1519, S1636;  

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   1780.0  –  1805.0 (KBP)

Homology Analysis
         GTOP ihfA (  homologous genes of other bacterias  )  
    PDB     (database updated : 2007.02.20 )
         PSI-BLAST Chain A, Crystal Structure Of An Ihf-Dna Complex: A Protein-Induced Dna U-Turn  
    SWISS-PROT     (database updated : 2007.02.20 )
         BLAST Integration host factor subunit alpha (IHF-alpha)  
         PSI-BLAST Integration host factor subunit alpha (IHF-alpha)
    nr     (database updated : 2007.02.20 )
         BLAST integration host factor alpha subunit [Escherichia coli O157:H7 EDL933]  
Pfam 28.0   (database updated : 2015-05 )

Other Cross-Reference
    EcoCyc ihfA 

MMBR References
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Amino acid
FASTA format

FASTA format

View sequence out neighbor 100bp
-100                                             accagccgta cactcgaaga agaggagatt 
-070 gccgctaccg tcgccaaatg tgtagaggca ttaaaagagc gattccaggc atcattgagg gattgaacct 
0001 atggcgctta caaaagctga aatgtcagaa tatctgtttg ataagcttgg gcttagcaag cgggatgcca 
0071 aagaactggt tgaactgttt ttcgaagaga tccgtcgcgc tctggaaaac ggcgaacagg tgaaactctc 
0141 tggttttggt aacttcgatc tgcgtgataa gaatcaacgc ccgggacgta acccgaaaac gggcgaggat 
0211 attcccatta cagcacggcg cgtggtgacc ttcagacccg ggcagaagtt aaaaagccgg gtcgaaaacg 
0281 cttcgcccaa agacgagtaa tctgatctaa ctaaaaaggc cgctctgcgg ccttttttct tttcactgtc 
0351 gaagagtcac cgtaaaatca acgccatgac acttcagcag aacggatacc