Mutants (Isolated)


Allele Nametm925
Allele TypeNormal
Sequence NameR13H4.1
Gene Namenphp-4
Worm BaseAllele Name tm925
Gene Name nphp-4
Sequence R13H4.1
Phenotype Information from the receiver is posted in the form of a "researcher : phenotype" homozygous viable. Dr. M.M. Barr: Exp Cell Res. 305, 333-342 (2005). Dr. P. Sengupta: dyf defects in some neurons. Dr. B.K. Yoder: J. Cell Sciences 118, 5575-5587 (2005).
Mutation site Please see gene structure to locate the deletion in relation to exon(s) 10995/10996-12104/12105 (1109 bp deletion)
Putative gene structurecomplement(join(1198..1352, 4751..4878, 6820..6924, 6970..7603, 7783..8178, 9105..9381, 9424..9604, 9803..10675, 10737..10873, 11043..11230, 11280..11470, 11520..11637, 11990..12071, 12293..12418))
Map position3.42
Map position of balancer
Distributed lab
DepositorDr. S. Mitani/NBRP
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Cevik S, Peng X, Beyer T, Pir MS, Yenisert F, Woerz F, Hoffmann F, Altunkaynak B, Pir B, Boldt K, Karaman A, Cakiroglu M, Oner SS, Cao Y, Ueffing M, Kaplan OI.
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Life Sci Alliance 2023 6(8)  
[ PubMed ID = 37208194 ] [ RRC reference ]

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Kaplan OI.
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[ PubMed ID = 37529113 ] [ RRC reference ]

Wang J, Saul J, Nikonorova IA, Cruz CN, Power KM, Nguyen KC, Hall DH, Barr MM.
Ciliary intrinsic mechanisms regulate dynamic ciliary extracellular vesicle release from sensory neurons.
bioRxiv 2023   
[ PubMed ID = 37961114 ] [ RRC reference ]

Park K, Li C, Tsiropoulou S, Gonçalves J, Kondratev C, Pelletier L, Blacque OE, Leroux MR.
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Bentley-Ford MR, LaBonty M, Thomas HR, Haycraft CJ, Scott M, LaFayette C, Croyle MJ, Andersen RS, Parant JM, Yoder BK.
Evolutionarily conserved genetic interactions between nphp-4 and bbs-5 mutations exacerbate ciliopathy phenotypes.
Genetics 2022 220(1)  
[ PubMed ID = 34850872 ] [ RRC reference ]

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MKS5 and CEP290 Dependent Assembly Pathway of the Ciliary Transition Zone.
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