MBS (Other Mutants) - Detail

Strain No MBS638
Strain Name BSU19
Plasmid Integrated
Plasmid Autonoumous
Chromosomal Markers trpC2 amyE :: P sigI -bgaB sigI :: pMutinT3 rsgI :: pMutinT3 :: spc Cmr Emr Spr
Selection cat erm spc
Lastest Markers
Parent (Donor)
Parent (Recipient) Bacillus subtilis 168
Method The procedure for the construction of the strain is described in the paper entitled "Regulatory role of RsgI in sigI expression in Bacillus subtilis.” Microbiology. 2007 Jan;153(Pt 1):92-101.
Culture Condition LB medium
Other Remarks
Reference Asai K, Ootsuji T, Obata K, Matsumoto T, Fujita Y, Sadaie Y.
Regulatory role of RsgI in sigI expression in Bacillus subtilis.
Microbiology (Reading, Engl.)  (2007)  153(Pt 1)   92-101  
[PubMed ID = 17185538]  [RRC reference
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