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MBS (Other Mutants) - Detail

Strain No MBS303
Strain Name FU879
Plasmid Integrated pMutin
Plasmid Autonoumous
Chromosomal Markers trpC2 yxaG::pMutin yxaF::cat
Lastest Markers erythromycin-r, chloramphenicol-r
Parent (Donor)
Parent (Recipient) Bacillus subtilis 168
Culture Condition L medium
Other Remarks
Reference Hirooka K, Kunikane S, Matsuoka H, Yoshida K, Kumamoto K, Tojo S, Fujita Y.
Dual regulation of the Bacillus subtilis regulon comprising the lmrAB and yxaGH operons and yxaF gene by two transcriptional repressors, LmrA and YxaF, in response to flavonoids.
J. Bacteriol.  (2007)  189(14)   5170-82  
[PubMed ID = 17483215]  [RRC reference
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