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Single Region Deletion - Detail

Strain No NED0803
Deleted Genes yisB-yitD
[yisB, gerPF, gerPE, gerPD, gerPC, gerPB, gerPA, yisI, yisJ, yisK, yisL, wprA, yisN, asnO, yizA, yisP, yisQ, yisR, degA, yisS, yisT, yisU, yisV, yisX, yisY, yisZ, yitA, yitB, yitC, yitD]
Marker Gene Cm
Deletion Length 25941
Reference Morimoto T, Kadoya R, Endo K, Tohata M, Sawada K, Liu S, Ozawa T, Kodama T, Kakeshita H, Kageyama Y, Manabe K, Kanaya S, Ara K, Ozaki K, Ogasawara N.
Enhanced recombinant protein productivity by genome reduction in Bacillus subtilis.
DNA Res  (2008)  15(2)   73-81  
[PubMed ID = 18334513]  [RRC reference
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