INRA/ANL Strains - Detail

Strain Name JJS-DIn006
Deleted Genes ftsH-cysK
[ftsH, coaX, hslO, yacD, cysK]
Lb Viability +
Resistancy phleoR
Other Remarks
Reference Tanaka K, Henry CS, Zinner JF, Jolivet E, Cohoon MP, Xia F, Bidnenko V, Ehrlich SD, Stevens RL, Noirot P.
Building the repertoire of dispensable chromosome regions in Bacillus subtilis entails major refinement of cognate large-scale metabolic model.
Nucleic Acids Res  (2013)  41(1)   687-99  
[PubMed ID = 23109554]  [RRC reference
Related Pathways
bsu00270 Cysteine and methionine metabolism
bsu00770 Pantothenate and CoA biosynthesis
bsu00920 Sulfur metabolism
bsu01100 Metabolic pathways
bsu01110 Biosynthesis of secondary metabolites
bsu01120 Microbial metabolism in diverse environments
bsu01200 Carbon metabolism
bsu01230 Biosynthesis of amino acids
bsu01240 Biosynthesis of cofactors
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