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BKE Genome-Scale deletion library (Gene-replacement by antibiotics resistance gene) - About


Since Jun. 11, 2018, genome-scale deletion library for B.subtlis has been started to distribute.
This library is composed of that described in Byoung-Mo et al. Cell Systems (2017).
The collection contains 3,974 strains (3,973 mutants and 1 wild-type strain).
Each gene is disrupted by replacement with erythromycin resistance gene.
Therefore, the deleted gene is not reversed unlike that disrupted by insertion of plasmid.。

Since Jun. 15, 2018, by request from the depositor, we suspended ordering the following 7 resources of BKE Genome-Scale deletion library.
    BKE04620 acpS
    BKE35880 pgsA
    BKE22600 aroE
    BKE29590 iscS
    BKE38690 yxlC
    BKE39220 yxxG
    BKE39290 yxxD
Currently, 3,967 resources are available.

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