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List of charges for Bacillus subtillis

For requests from private (commercial organizations), the price will differ according to the usage and scope.
Shipping fees should be paid on delivery and will not be charged to your credit card.
The total number of order refers to the total amount of resources which you have ordered regardless of the resource type. (However, the number of strains will be counted separately from those of plasmids.)

Example: The calculation when you order 2 gene-disrupted strains and a wild strain is as follows.
The total for 3 strains is 1540+(3-1)x560=2660 yen.
Example: The calculation when you order 2 gene-disrupted strains and 2 MBP plasmids is as follows.
The total for 2 strains and 2 plasmids is [1540+(2-1)×560]+[1240+(2-1)×250]=3590 yen.
Resource Type Total no. of order Price and equation (yen, tax included)
  • Gene disrupted strains
  • BKE Genome-Scale deletion library
  • Wild strain
  • MBS strains
  • KAO/NAIST strains
  • INRA/ANL strains
1 1540
2~5 1540+ (total no. of order – 1) x 560
More than 6 3780+[180x(total no. of order -5)]+210x(multiply total no. of order by 1/10 and omit the decimal)
  • MBP plasmid
1 1240
More than 2 1240+(total no. of order -1)x250
Gene disrupted strains 1 13060
BKE Genome-Scale deletion library (Agar plates) 1 31400
BKE Genome-Scale deletion library (Glycerol stocks) 1 52590
KAO/NAIST strains 1 2400
INRA/ANL strains 1 3600
*1: You can order only 1 set of strains per order. You cannot combine the order with other strains.(An error message will be displayed when you try to put other items in your cart.)
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