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Gene - Detail

Locus Tag BSU01460
Gene (Subtiwiki) ybaE
Location 151303 bp - 152133 bp (+)
Map Position 3.6
Length 831bp., 277aa.
Product ABC efflux transporter (ATP-binding protein)
Function 16.1: Circulate,16.8: Protect
Note Evidence 2a: Function of homologous gene experimentally demonstrated in an other organism; PubMedId: 12110480; Product type t: transporter
Related strains BKE01460
Cross References
GProtein P70970
GenBank 2632413
InterPro IPR022112, IPR017871, IPR015856, IPR003593, IPR003439
SwissProt P70970

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Type Base Amino Acid
Format GenBank FASTA
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