Notice: Suspension of Services Due to the Inspection work of NIG

For the inspection work of the institute, services on our website will be stopped during the period of time stated below. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Fri. 12th Nov. 2021 16:00 - Sun. 14th Nov. 13:00 (JST)

Q1: How can we store strains?
If you want to make frozen stock of these strains, we recommend the method as follows.
  • Pick up cells from colonies on the plates using 12 or 8 multiple pipettes, and inoculate them to L medium with 0.3μg/ml erythromycin and 15% glycerol in 96 wells plates.
  • Incubate them overnight and then freeze at -80 degrees C.
  • For a long-term storage, use sealing-tape (aluminum micro sealing tape) covered on 96 wells after preparing cells as I mentioned in another e-mail.
Q2: Our University does not work with FedEx and therefore we do not have a FedEx number. Can we use any other shipment service?
Yes. We can send you strains as long as you can pay for the cost for shipping through any reliable procedure. Alternatively, you can use private FedEx number.
Q3: Can we use credit card number for shipment?
No, you cannot. We do not deal with any credit cards.
Q4: How long does it typically take to get a set?
It takes 1 month after we could get MTA forms accepted.
Q5: In the plate sheet files you sent that show where the different strains are on each plate there are many empty spaces. However, the positions that I expected to be empty have colonies growing. What are they?
Please simply do not use wells indicated empty in plate sheets. We do not grantee anything about the colonies grown in the empty wells.
Q6: How can we amend MTA forms?
Please contact and discuss with Mutuaki Suzuki in the NIG INNOVATION at the NIG by e-mail:(Mutsuaki Suzuki, Ph.D Director of IPU National Institute of Genetics)
Q7: Can we use sample MTA file on your homepage?
No, you cannot. Please do not use Sample MTA on website. First, finish your order process in our website. Second, We will send confirmation e-mail for your order with Official MTA form then you will use that.
Q8: Whose name should be written in a part of Authorized Official?
Following either is accepted;
Director of NIG INNOVATION, Director of technology transfer office, e.g. President, Dean, Director of your department, Director of the legal department who has full authority for signing MTA in your institute or university etc.

※ We don't accept the same person. (a part of RECIPIENT SCIENTIST, a part of Authorized Official)
Q9: Are strains resistant to erythromycin?
All of the gene disrupted mutants by pMUTIN are resistant to erythromycin. Some of the other strains are also resistant to erythomycin, others are not. Please refer to genotype column of each strain.
Q10: Could we have receipt for our credit card payment?
No. We do not issue receipt for credit card payment of our customers.
This is because we deal through a credit card company, and we do not directly receive the payment from our customers. We understand that the receipt will be needed for re-imbursement, however our customers have to use their own credit card bills for that.
Q11: Does a credit payment include shipping cost?
No, it does not.
A credit card payment only includes a cost of the material.
A shipping cost should be payed by recepient as a pay-on-arrival.
Q12: Can I cancel the order?
We ask that you cancel the order before the ordered resource is shipped.
We do NOT agree the cancelation of your order after shipping. When you want to cancel the order, please contact the following email address as soon as possible. e-mail :
Q13: Do you have the expire date for the order?
The expire date for the shipping of the resource is 90 days after your application has completed. Credit-card transaction for the fee is needed in the period. When the shipping is delayed over 90 days, please order again.
Q14: Can I pay the fee by other methods than a credit card?
No, you can not. The credit card payment is the only method to pay the fee in the NBRP E. coli or B. subtilis.
If you can not use the credit card payment through your institute, please consider a third-party payment using a credit card of an agency or individual.
* Please note that an institute you belong should be definitely consistent with the institute having an agreement of MTA.
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