Strain Detail

Strain Name Q0944 Organization Kyushu University
dp Demono ac ca m
Common name Japanese monring glory
Scientific name Ipomoea nil
Cultiver name
Phenotype(category) plant body
leaf yellow, variegated, Blown, acuminate + maple
shoot fasciated
flower organs split narrow, petaled
flower color gray
Gene type f-1 f-2 f-3 v1 p1 y1 B1; cpr m ac ca; dy [lt]
Gene type (wild)
Mutation Gene
Mutations plant body
seed v1(variegated)
cotyledons B1(Blown1), ac(acuminate), dy(dusky), [lt](light color), m1(maple-1), p1(pear-1), v1(variegated), y1(yellow)
leaf B1(Blown1), ac(acuminate), cp(crepe), m1(maple-1), p1(pear-1), v1(variegated), y1(yellow)
shoot cp(crepe), dy(dusky), [lt](light color), v1(variegated), y1(yellow)
flower organs ac(acuminate), cp(crepe), m1(maple-1), v1(variegated), y1(yellow)
flower color dy(dusky), [lt](light color)
Origin -
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Notes -
Notes(color of the flower) -
DNA info -
Standard strain -
Availability 0
Mutable alleles -
Fertility -
Sterile gene 3
Genotype morph y1 v1 B1 cp p1 f-1 f-2 f-3 ac m1
Genotype homozygous morph -
Heterozygous ac cp m-1
Genotype flower color [lt] dy
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