Strain Detail

Strain Name Q1280 Organization Kyushu University
dp Demono
Common name Japanese monring glory
Scientific name Ipomea nil
Cultiver name
Phenotype(category) plant body
leaf green, variegated, cicada-shaped
flower organs round, large
flower color crimson, speckled, margined, 日輪抜
Gene type v1 re dg;; mg pr sp a3Mr
Gene type (wild)
Mutation Gene
Mutations plant body
seed v1(variegated)
cotyledons mg(magenta), re(retracted), sp(speckled), v1(variegated)
leaf dg(dragonfly), re(retracted), sp(speckled), v1(variegated)
shoot mg(magenta), sp(speckled), v1(variegated)
flower organs dg(dragonfly), re(retracted), sp(speckled), v1(variegated)
flower color a3Mr(a3-Margined), mg(magenta), pr(purple), sp(speckled)
Origin -
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    • Pubmed ID :  31819731
      Author Park KI, Nitasaka E, Hoshino A.
      Title Anthocyanin mutants of Japanese and common morning glories exhibit normal proanthocyanidin accumulation in seed coats.
      Journal Plant Biotechnol (Tokyo)   2018   35(3)   259-266
Notes -
Notes(color of the flower) -
DNA info -
Standard strain -
Availability 0
Mutable alleles -
Fertility -
Sterile gene 0
Genotype morph v1 dg re
Genotype homozygous morph -
Heterozygous -
Genotype flower color mg pr a3Mr sp
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