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Related strain of  "curled inward"  (  1-30  of  30  are displayed  )

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Cultiver name Gene type Images
Q0011   Co-H;; white
Q0264   v1 Co-H;; ca
Q0304   dw dl dg;; pr
Q0428   ; fe dp; pr [lt]
Q0430   y1 B1 cm1 Co (cp); fe dl dp; c1
Q0462   y1 dg Co; fe mi dp; c1
Q0501   m-1;; c1
Q0513   cp Co;; tw
Q0516   y1 cp Co cm;; pr dy tw
Q0523   cp;; mg pr tw
Q0530   cp Co;; pr a3-f
Q0623   ; m-w fe dp; tw
Q0624   Co; m-w cm; pr a3-Mr
Q0676   y1 dg Co; mi fe; pr
Q0680   ct cm; m-w fe dp; pr
Q0881   y1 dl dg cm;; dy
Q0882   y1 dl dg cm;; dy
Q0883   y1 dl dg cm;;
Q0884   y1 dl cm;;
Q0885   y1 dl cm;;
Q0905   v1 re dg we;; ca
Q1011   dl cm;;
Q1047   dg cm;; c1
Q1048   dg cm;; c1
Q1049   cm;; c1
Q1050   y1 cm;; a3-Bz/+ hw
Q1051   y1 cm;; a3-Ry
Q1052   dg cm;; c1
Q1053   v1;; mg a3-Mr tw
AK95 2024WWGW  ca