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Cultiver name Gene type Images
Q0671   v1 re dg we; m-w dp; mg pr
Q0674   v1 dg we br; m-w dp; pr
Q0675   v1 we; m-w dp; mg pr a3-Mr
Q0902   v1 dg we; mg a3-Ry?(a3-Bz)
Q0903   v1 dg we; mg a3-Ry?(a3-Bz)
Q0904   dg we;; [lt]
Q0905   v1 re dg we;; ca
Q0907   y1 s-1 we;; mg [lt]? a3-Mr
Q0909   v1 Gb we;; mg [lt] a3-Ry
Q0912   v1 re dg dp-pt we;; mg pr
Q0913   v1 dg we; mg a3-Mr tw
Q0914   we dg;; [lt] dark
Q0915   v1 Co we;;
Q0916   v1 re dg we;; pr [lt]
Q0917   v1 dg we;; [lt] a3-Ry
Q0918   v1 dg we;; mg pr a3-Ry
Q0919   dg we;; [lt]
Q0920   y1 v1 dg we;; pr [lt] a3-Ry
Q0921   v1 re dg we;; [lt]
Q0923   v1 re dg we;; [wht]
Q0924   y1 s-1 we;; mg a3-Mr
Q0925   v1 dg tn1 tn2 we;; mg tw
Q0928   dl dg we;; c1
Q0929   we;; mg
Q0967   y1 v1; dp; mg pr tw
Q1027   dg we;;
Q1042   v1 re dg we;; mg
Q1043   y1 v1 dg we;; [int] a3-Ry
Q1046   v1 re dg we;; [wht]
AK75 YM/W2c1  c1, we (new allele)
AK83 Shidare  we (new allele)